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We started playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition and this here highlights the beginning of the campaign.


A huge photo update for Warhammer, Warmachine, Malifaux, and Infinity! A giga-ton of pixels for your eyes to orgasm over while your lids are up! Just don’t let Granny into your personal space.

My thoughts on Malifaux version 2, my gaming past, and my gaming future. As you’ve heard by now Wyrd will be releasing Malifaux, the Second Edition (M2E). If you haven’t heard then jump on the Wyrd forums, listen to some podcasts, or just rage quit life. I have had mixed emotions since I heard the […]

It is commonly known that the Live to Crush crew hibernates all summer. This interesting psychological characteristic is due to the warmer temperatures which cause sporadic fests of outdoor enjoyment.

Kongming’s Tactics is a new series we will be doing to discuss various tactics and tricks in the game du jour. Today’s focus is Malifaux and the various ways to get more activations done.

In case anyone is wondering where we stand with our malifaux league…the linked spreadsheet should show you who is where and with what. You will notice there is no column for month 5 and that is because I often forget how to count. I had a saw accident when I was a kid, where a […]

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Painting terrain can be fun and it can be unfun. It really depends on you, the terrain, the paint, the weather, and pretty much most other factors that can affect mood. In this short series, I’m painting up some GW buildings with a little masking.

Don’t mess with the Devil. I repeat, don’t mess with the Devil! Bad things Happen.

Found these pics on my camera and regurgitating them up here.  Old conversion for a cryx machine wraith.  Never before seen.  Watch out for rust monsters.   Crap!  Gotta run!  Guess the parts and you win a prize!

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I finally picked up the brush after a long break and decided to get Ophelia done. Did her greenie Gremlin boobies need 30 layers of highlighting? Probably not. After owning for Gremlins for years now I’ve got 1 done. Victory!! And the swamp bases are fun to make and look great. Probably the best ROI […]