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Contract from Below

In this post I’m going to proceed to drop a gamer BOMB! Not a gamie bomb…  ewwwuh….  That’s right folks, an ethereal explosion of entropy! The dynamite double doggin’ deliciousness of deadly dynamics!



*** Note:  If you would also like to bomb something, I suggest you take the time

to go out and BOMB this thread with something spectacular!


Back to what really is important: And to illustrate how fantastic this is I would like to tap a swamp.  And play a card:

BOOM! One black magic in my mana pool! But? Doesn’t black magic always end up hurting yourself somehow in the end?
Yes!  Here goes:


So, if your a savvy gamer you should by now realize the gravity of what I’ve decided to do.  I’m drawing the big guns on this one and and formely stating, FOR THE RECORD (SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED)




Wow…  thats pretty big…  thats enourmouse.  Thats CRAZY!?

At some point in our modeling career we all hit a point where we think about how nice it would be to only have fully painted models.  This is not going to happen.  However, I feel like I can be a better person if I only “play” fully painted models.  I’m not going to go into the logistics and statistics of how and why fully painted models perform better in play.  But they do.  This is fact.  I will however, explain why I have come to this decision.  I’m not the best player of games out there.  Mostly I just don’t have the time to train and practice like an extreme gamer athlete or Jestor.  I’ve taken a couple of firsts in tourneys and placed in the top 3 a handful of times.  But above all I have always considered myself a hobbyist first.  I don’t believe you can be taken seriously as a hobbyist first if your models are not painted.  Plain and simple.  I also think this is another step in the move towards motivating myself to really complete most of my models.  I have and am still painting a lot of models for other people this year and I’m ok with this.  I’m getting faster and better at painting everyday.  But it’s time I started putting the smack down on bringing primered..  gasp! or even metal mini’s to the tabletop.

What happens if I don’t follow through?  Well, everyone at LTC will call me out and it will possibly never be forgotten.  My luck during games will falter forever.  And oh yea…  because this is a Contract from Below I will actually lose my soul..?  Yikes…

So here’s to fully painted armies and all the superhero gamers out there who refuse to play with anything less.  My hat goes off to all of you and much respect issued.  And I too will be joining your ranks!

What it takes to field a fully painted army on the tabletop:

  • Dedication – One of the things I have seen from every painter who went big is painters do not skip out on painting at home.  You need to dedicate yourself to your cause.  You need to research new techniques all the time.  You can not make excuses to not make paint.  You need to paint when you are not at the game table.  Think about your painting, paint mentally!
  • Confidence – If you are painting and you are dedicated, attitude is everything.  You may not be the best painter there is that day.  You need to be confident that every model you paint is the best effort you can put forth.  Mistakes will happen but you need to put yourself in a position to just paint over it.  You do that by acting like you have been there before and concentrating on your painting.  Painting the colors you know are right.
  • Luck – There will be things you can not control.  This is life.  In sports it’s the way the ball bounces, it’s an opponent getting hurt or one of your guys getting hurt.  There are factors that are outside the realm of things you can control.  In order to paint on the highest levels, it takes some luck.  You need to get those right inks against the right colors at the right time.
  • Perseverance – No matter what happens, you need to push through with a winning attitude.  You can not get down because you missed a spot.  Story time – When I was playing rugby, we were in the north east championship game.  The car ride that morning took us 6 hours for an 11am game.  The game was brutal.  The other team was good.  We were all bloody.   Time was drawing close.  In rugby, you never know when the clock will end, it is up to the refs discretion.  We were down, 15 to 14.  We have the best kicker in the North East by far, and possibly the country.  The other team makes a mistake and commits a penalty.  We go for the kick to seal the game and get the win.  Our kicker misses the first kick of the season.  Our opponents grab the ball and try to kick deep for touch, hoping that the clock is done.  Instead of getting down on ourselves, the team I was playing on dug deep.  The winger jumped from in bounds and tapped the ball back in.  The fullback grabs the ball and runs forward in to the pack.  We ruck it out, the offense sets up, the ball comes out and our kicker hits a drop goal.  Three whistles and the game is done.  Moral of the story – If you think your paint job is bad, do not give up.  There is always a way to touch it up.  Even when that long shot is a 50 yard drop goal or mixing in a compliment to achieve perfect hue.
Painting starts long before any game starts and finishes only when both teams shake hands.  What happens between painting on day 1 of the season up until that last second of the whistles contributes to whether you can field a fully painted army .

Why am I writing this article?  Mostly for myself to get myself mentally ready for the road ahead.  Fooling around with my wife for a year was great and I loved it.  It’s time to step up to the plate and really practice and see if I can do something in the following year.  Last year I painted a handful of models.  I really want to elevate my painting and see if I have what it takes to make a masters painting competition these days.  With old paints and brushes I don’t expect it to happen immediately.  I am more working my way towards 2014.  I really hope I can get in those unpainted models in 2013 to get myself prepared for as many models to be fully painted as possible!!

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8 Responses to “Contract from Below”

  1. I approve of this. I may have laughed out loud at parts of it. I too, want to make a pledge, to sometimes use painted models when I play, from here on out.

  2. I bow to your skills.

    You know, when I’m painting, I sometimes equate it to experiences in real life….like when I’m swimming with sharks off the great barrier reef. Sometimes the water is cold and I get shrinkage. Then a school of threshers shows up and slash at me in the water. I get scared and pee, but nobody can tell because I am in the office called the ocean. That’s when I dig deep, break off an anemone from a reef and use it as bludgeoning weapon when the eels come out to attack.

    Painting is like that. You know it and I know it. Gi JOE

  3. Yea, exactly… like another time I was chasing a wounded deer through the woods hoping to get a great meal when I fell down a cave that ended up being a bear den. Well I managed not to get shrinkage but the bear moved in its sleep and i was caught between the back of the cave and the bear. So i decided to wait it out… I survived off of cave crickets and the water squeezed from the mosses.. One day i realized that there were also mushrooms growing in the back of the cave. I ate some and also by doing the nose pinch trick i got the bear to eat some while it was sleeping.. We both started trippin bolzerz and had an Adventure Time. “Adventure time, C’mon bring your friends, We’ll go to very distant lands. With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, The fun will never end, it’s Adventure Time!” – Anyway to make a long story short I left the cave eventually and on the long bus ride home i thought to myself! “That water i squeezed from the moss, its just like the water i used for painting and cleaning my brushes!” – boom – just like that it all made sense. Lo and behold Real life situations that you thought had nothing to do with painting… have everything to do with painting.

  4. Right! Yoru stroy reminds me of this one time…I had chemistry lab report to write. It was late and I didnt want to do it although I had already started it. Scientific format sucks but some people make you use it. It was getting late in the night and I had procrastinated by cleaning my desk twice and watching a porn. So what did I do? I dug deep invented my own language and typed that report in 6 minutes, which is the same time a man can do an ab work out in. 8 minutes later with two print jobs, the electrical company called it and I was done. Moral of the story, painting relates to shit and shit is what it takes to paint.

  5. i wish i never wrote this.

  6. You can’t renege now!!!!!! You made a deal with the devil. The only way I can see out would be to play your fiddle hot, but if you lose the devil gets your soul.

    Dont be a loser!!!! Your in it to win it!!!!! Just paint your shit and stop crying!!!!!!!

    Its like that time I cried myself to sleep. I was crying because I couldnt get the Perdita avatar assembled. My glue was just taking to long to dry. So I woke up from sleep crying, got some water, dried my eyes, took my tampon out, dug deep, made a 50 yard catch in the end zone and slam dunked a three pointer home run which converted into a triple play hatrick on a 7-10 split in the five-hole. Spare…no STRIKE!!!!! The model then just built itself.

    Its like that. Seriously though. If you play an unpainted model, I will karate chop it.

  7. lol… may be hilarious to see you karate chop a mini.. especially because it will probably cause 1/2/7 damage… srsly though… im really glad i made this pact and am holding myself to it…. just waitin to see if anyone else jumps on board… ?

    nice analogy story… been there. i can relate to that…

  8. Well, I’m on board. The only unpainted league game I played was month 1. Totally sucks though. I want to try an avatar and hate to paint it just to try it. Oh well. Back to more terrain making. My malifaux table will be terran-ically populated!