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No Longer Homeless! – #1

I got started on some buildings this week. Im using a techniue from Ravage MAgazine #6 called toteq or somethign like that. Its what we in the actual bidness of paint call masking.

Basically, I’m painting these buildings fast using tape and sprays to basecoat it. Is it going to look shitty? Yes. Is it going to have overlap spots? Yes. Is it going to get done quickly? Yes. Splotchy? Yes? Flat? Yes. 2 Dimensional? Yes.

Yes I Can. Yes I can. Yes I can.

Why you may be asking, would I waste my time and meager efforts to crap something like this out? Well, these have been assembled and sitting in a drawer for over a year. Its high time to build a place for me and Lady Justice to settle down and raise a family. She cant see the paint job so what does it really matter.

So here is progress shot one of some gw buildings. Basically, I masked and sprayed the roofs the terracotta color of my malifaux table. More progress is already in the works. Its that fast!

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2 Responses to “No Longer Homeless! – #1”

  1. looks like you may have to fix that hole up in the roof…

  2. Yah Frufenhauser. I was actually going to fill the hole with a fiddler to add some kosher music to my games. Thoughts?