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Kongming’s Tactics: Haste does not make Waste

O Herro! Kongming at your service. Today I am going to tark about Abirity Points in the game of Marifaux. In future conversation on internet, I wihr arways start my conversation with my monicur: Kongming’s Tactics. Gweat FoWtune to you!

Malifaux is a game more about getting around the board getting stuff done rather than killing. Killing is sometimes a specific strategy, but when that’s the case, the enemy tends to avoid you. Thus, the need for more activation points arises even in killy strategies. Lets face it,nearly done isn’t done and there are no victory points for almost done.

So more activations and more ability points (AP) are a good thing. You basic model has two AP. Pretty standard stuff. But how about more than two? I’m going to talk about a little of each of the ways to get more activations from your models. The following list rates the various ways a model can have more than two AP.



Best: Reactivate

One activation is good, but two is better. Reactivate is the uber way to go. Models with reactivate get to activate twice. That’s four AP for a basic model that can be spent doing what that model does best, whether its killing, grabbing objectives, or summoning a horde of gribblies. Not many models have reactivate on their card, but lots can gain it via sacrifices and spells, like Ramos with a brass arachnid, Collette burning soulstones, and Lucius sacrificing dogs.

Disgusting side note: If Lazarus could gain Ramos’s gained reactivate gained from a brass arachnid, he would have 6 AP due to him naturally being a melee master!

2nd Place: Fast
wow fast!Gaining one extra AP to spend on anything is pretty nice. On the right model, such as Perdita or Seamus, a lot get done in an activation. Move once, spend an AP interacting, then move back to cover. Fast!  Move three times….Thats friggin quick! Gaining fast from the child of malifaux is pretty good, however that which just gained fast tends to ditch the child in all haste, leaving you un-fast next turn. Fodder for thought…  The morale of the story is fast is your friend.

Third Place: Nimble

A free AP to be used only on movement actions….pretty solid if I do say so myself. Mix this with a push form of movement and you get why everyone loves Von Schill. Nothing says turn 6 breakthrough with a three walk activation.

Casting Master and Casting Expert

(+2) AP to spend on spells for master and (+1 )AP for expert. I rate this higher than ranged and melee master/expert because often times a model can use some spell based movement to get around town. Using the casting AP to move via spell means your general AP are free to punch, touch, or fondle something else.


Link uses a zero action to move a model closer to the linked model which ideally moved up-town dragging your linked ass with it. It’s like a free move in a direction that someone else found advantageous for them.  In the least, link gives you two general AP to use on anything from your current location, which is next to someone else.


Suffer something undesirable for an immediate walk. Better than nothing unless the undesirable part is death. Gremlins use it to great advantage as well as the peacekeeper! And everyone hates gremlins…and peacekeepers!

Ranged Master and Ranged Expert

Chances are in any given game, there will be more models in range of your gun than in range of your bludgeon weapon.  Range master and expert are nice like that giving some extra AP to pop your enemies and run away to hide behind the nearest barrel.  A nice little ability.

Melee Master and Melee Expert

A useful ability as the model with this kung-fu skill set tends to be good in melee. However, because the AP can not be used for charges nor interacting, it very mono-dimensional. Walk-walk-slam says Lady Justice. Walk-walk-pinch-nibble says the steampunk arachnid swarm. These abilities are good for killing and not much else. So when your strategy is Contain Power or Slaughter, this might be your go to ability.  However, Fast is like melee expert with more usefulness, so stick with the good stuff.


Another AP to be used on a specific zero action ins’t all that useful in most cases…..unless you have a lot of zero actions and they are all awesome!!!!   Not to be overlooked, but not the canned unicorn power you were hoping for either.

Flurry/Rapid Fire/Furious Casting

Discard a card to gain an extra AP for something specific (melee, shooting, and casting respectively). These abilities are situation-ally useful, usually relying on some other model to push you into range of whatever shenanigans your trying to pull off. Not great most of the time, but sometimes awesome!

Slow to Die

A free AP to spend on anything, but its the last thing you do before you die. My death marshalls have mortally wounded plenty a man on their way to heavens’s door. I suppose if you were trying to deny someone from gaining a corpse counter, you could run away with your dying breath and die a little further off. Eh…its a free AP! Honestyly the best use of a slow to die move is to use a soulstone to heal. Its like a kick in the balls for your enemy on a model thats tough to take out.

Wait…slow is bad.  You lose an AP.  Remove it from this list.



Final Thoughts:  All of the above abilities are good.  Mixing them with spell based pushes, pulls, yanks, lures, and obeys really enhances any of the above and makes the more mediocre extra AP excellent.   Hamelin, the rat catcher and the Oiran are two mercenaries that can be hired by almost anyone.  Each gives a movement based spell to capitalize on your AP

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6 Responses to “Kongming’s Tactics: Haste does not make Waste”

  1. Great article expect you got something wrong Kongming….everyone loves Gremlins! I don’t know twat you’re talking about!

  2. I think he got it right.

  3. hmmm… nice ideas… i would have to say that (_______) master of any type is probably higher than nimble… that nets you 4 ap’s ?? how is nimble better? i do think that probably fast and reactivate are better than master of whatever… in fact i would vote fast possibly better than reactivate. also i would vote for instinctual above link. (0) abilities are usually way better than a free walk. those are the tweaks *I* would make… not saying its right… kongming did use a head fake with boats in fog covered in straw to gain an un-mistakable amount of the enemies arrows to then use on them in return! BRILLIANT!

    also, whats with the over the top racism in the first paragraph? geez man…

    “im starting with the man in the mirror, im asking him to change his ways, and no message could have been any clearer, if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a.. change!”

  4. and why is laaronml now Pere?

  5. I see where Kongming is coming from. Malifaux games are usually about movement and nimble gives you movement. I guess you just have to value movement higher than other aspects of the game.

    Casting master > Ranged master > Melee master. Sometimes you can gain a free move out of casting master which would be the only time I can see casting master better than nimble. Chances are there are more people in range of your guns making ranged master better than melee master which relies on you being up in someones face. I see your point though. 4 activations…..walk walk hit hit. Covers 8″ and 2 attacks where as nimble covers walk walk walk…12″. Its situational, and again it has to do with valuing movement over killing/spell support, etc.

    I dont really see many zero abilities on models that have instinctual being way better than an free walk. Von Schill might be the only exception to this statement. I see where Kongming is coming from on this.

    I dont think thats racism. Kongming just sounds like a Chinese fellow trying to talk english…or kinda like how a lolcat talks…

  6. i guess your right about the racism.. if i had an accent i would type that way.. plus its not like a white is right american wrote that so.. i take away my racism comment.

    Kirai has (0) actions far better than a walk.. and so do most (0) action heavy models with instinctual…

    4 ap is almost always better than 3 walks if used right… i think you and kongming give too much weight to physically moving within a game. most sneaky movers have things like leap or flock together…. i believe a model with say casting master would be in a bad place if it moved 3 times. but with the ability to cast multiple times it can probably shut down your opponents movements. or give you quite a benefit.. anyway i still believe this. in the end:

    i agree that more ap is an advantage and disagree that physical movement tops amount of ap. also while on the AP subject is it better to have 2x 5pts models with 4ap or 1x 10pt model with 2 or most likely 3 ap?