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Summer Time Blues

While its not officially summer here in Connecticut, but it is full on spring time.  As you have probably noticed, this site has been dead.

Four out of six of us have houses and were all headlong into the home repair/gardening mode.  Most of us are Dad’s too complicating things more.

Long story short, we are kinda dead around here.  Don’t expect too much in the way of posts and content until after August.

Have a good summer!  We will be back in full force in the Fall!  See you then!


~ by Thundernuts on .

3 Responses to “Summer Time Blues”

  1. Maybe you won’t be, but I’ll be posting stuff up this summer! I’ll be working on the new board, painting my new Malifaux figs, and play testing M2E!

  2. Awesome!!! In fact, I challenge you to post regularly all summer! Seeing as how Cloudfang and I are the only near consistent poster boys I feel obligated to mention that were not around that much in the summer. However, please byu all means, post to your hearts content anytime.

  3. lolz x 1,000,000…. yea.. i was thinking this and also was thinking about the email thread concerning aaron’s new plan to game weekly… what happened dude?

    you went from like 3 total play sessions + a bunch of nights where you stayed home to “paint” and 1 post reviewing part of a game no ones heard of in the 2000 – 2012 years oh and i think you let the world know pp was releasing colossals (three weeks after their release) and now…

    every week? – play testing!? tourney entering? world domination? lol…
    this truly is your year my friend! -no harm meant, just twisting your goat-

    but seriously, i also challenge you to keep a consistent posting schedule from now until september!? oops… already missed this week.

    i know i am in the boat with Thunder and my ability to create posts this time of year never really comes into fruition… also i broke the backlight on my camera so have been not to amped to try to take pics of the stuff i have been working on…

    seeya’s in september… but maybe sooner.