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Going Back to the Start

My thoughts on Malifaux version 2, my gaming past, and my gaming future.

As you’ve heard by now Wyrd will be releasing Malifaux, the Second Edition (M2E). If you haven’t heard then jump on the Wyrd forums, listen to some podcasts, or just rage quit life. I have had mixed emotions since I heard the news and I’ve been trying to get all the info I can get about it. There’s a great Coldplay song called “The Scientist” that relays the emotions of person in a relationship where it is at the point of making or breaking. The lyrics talk about going back to the start of the relationship, the ground floor, to build it back up again. Since reading Eric John’s email this song has been playing in my head. Sure it’s a bit dramatic but this move by Wyrd puts me at a crossroads in my gaming life.

I love games and you can compare this love to the love I have for woman. Games of all types, styles, flavors, and costs are attractive. A gaming life is a lot like a love life, they have ups and down, create a range of emotions, and are both filled with passion. I have loved many games, some at the same time, over the years. I have had flings, one night stands, regular visits, and deep long term relationships with many, many games. When I was a kid, it all started with Nintendo. Now she will always be in my heart. Spent entire days playing Heroes of Might and Magic to find out she was nothing but a tease because we could never, ever finish a game. In high school I had a regularly scheduled, shameful and filthy, 3 way that consisted of Mt Dew, cigarettes, and basketball video games where the game got tag teamed. Hard.

Then there were all those LAN party days where I toted computers to friends’ houses and we played Warcraft and Starcraft forever. So many fighting games that I was never good at. All those computer FPSes since I started killing Nazis as a kid. The arguments as to why Bond was a lame game and people should game on a PC. The Quake server I ran out of my dorm room. The one time I went Asian with Final Fantasy 7 and found out it wasn’t for me. When I was in my 20’s Nintendo came through with a bunch of mistresses. Tiger Woods golf on the GameCube was great for a while and so was playing Wind Waker for a week while I was home with an illness. Playing the New Super Mario on my DS while traveling on business trips and then gaming out on the Wii with an actual woman. Also in my 20’s a web series popped up and got me to pick up a copy of the latest Command & Conquer which only left me feeling hollow and trashy. It’s all a blur, so many games. I made it to my 30’s with serious commitment to Guitar Hero Metallica. I’ll never forget her, mostly because I never did 100% Sad But True on the drums.

I have fond memories of all those mistresses and some of them will always be welcomed into my home. My greatest love/hate video game relationship recently came to an end. I finally dragged myself out of the abusive relationship that is Call of Duty online play. I’m almost 7 months clean now. Sometimes I feel that my XBox is lonely.

And that’s just video games. They have mostly been the mistresses. As for chics that weren’t electronic, I mastered the card game Setback once. I had an official chess rating in my teens and regularly attended meetings. Cloudfang and I said for years that we were going to try out my Go board and never have.

My long term relationships have been in other forms of gaming. More addictive forms. Such as Magic The Gathering. She and I dated for a long time. She was, and still is, a great gal. I was just too young for it to last but it was meaningful. I’ve gone back a few times with the most recent being a couple of years ago. T-Nuts had a booster draft at his house. It was a metric shit ton of fun. So much so that Cloudfang and I split a box of booster packs. There is so much joy in opening a package of cards, hearing the foil rip, skipping to the rare card. Anyway, that was totally wrong. I used her for a quick high or maybe she used me for a cheap sale. It doesn’t matter. Last year I finally broke it off completely after I traded my collection for a Cygnar army. I learned a lot from her, especially how much fun a game can be and how much a relationship like that can cost me.

So that transitions to minis gaming. I’m not really sure how miniatures gaming came around but I did get introduced to Warhammer through Cloudfang. Not sure how he met Warhammer but we all ended up getting to know her a little bit better. First it was High Elves, then it was Ogres. I love miniatures gaming, but this relationship hurt. Games Workshop is so abusive and unfairly unapologetic about it. You jump into bed with them and they treat you like you’re worthless. This went on for years. The potential was always great but I just couldn’t afford to progress things where they needed to be. There was a lot to not like about her but she was good in bed and I stuck around way too long. Eventually our relationship sort of drifted away.

Then came Warmachine. The best parts of my ex-girlfriend Warhammer but so much \sexier. And you’ll only cost me $50 for a starter box? What have I been missing? Where have you been all my life? I dove right in; hell I even introduced her to my parents right away. It couldn’t have been at a more perfect time. Back in the real world, things were messed up, I was in transition. A new game was exactly what I needed. We were going great for a while, playing a lot, hitting up some tournaments, posting on the forums. It was fun but it seems like it went from fun to serious overnight. MK2 happened. I stayed positive but once we went through the relationship counseling that was MK2 we had drifted apart. She was a better person for it but in the end we wanted different things. I wanted to play mangled metal matches and to never have to use large units. She wanted to be bigger and bold. She grew a pair and I was done.

While my relationship with Warmahordes was disintegrating, the boys rounded up a few hoes while at Templecon in the way of Malifaux starter boxes. A demo game and a little peer pressure later, I was spending money that should have been spent on more Khador models on another new game. Where was this going to lead?

Collectively LtC spent some time playing both games. Malifaux slowly started to take over but I was burnt out, soured from all of these broken relationships. I didn’t have the heart left to dive into another long term thing but it didn’t matter. Malifaux won me over. Her complexities, the great models, and the game was great. I’ve never been about the fluff, I’m all about how they perform. Who cares what they do for a living, where they grew up? Get’em in bed and see how they work. Malifaux was an adult’s game. One where educated people can really use some brain power to play. Last year it hit me, I was in love and this relationship could really last.

So what did I do? Like a sailor coming into port, I spent most of the summer drunk on whiskey playing Dystopian Wars. She too was damn sexy but when I bedded her I found out she couldn’t perform, not to my standards anyway. Forget about the conversations afterward, there wasn’t much there in the way of substance. Then it turned into a Springer episode when tanks and land troops started showing up. Bitch got crazy.

All of that just reinforced that Malifaux was the one I wanted to be with. I started nagging the LtC crew about not having a direction, playing with too many systems. We settled on Malifaux. I was ready to commit, forever. I wanted to be done with the summer romances, the failed long term relationships, the one night stands. I wanted to commit to one game, one system, for the long haul. As my girl Beyonce says, if you like it then put a ring on it.

In January I committed to Malifaux for the long haul and I started to really invest in our relationship. I’m getting models painted, working on some new terrain boards. Studying the rules manual and all of the four books. I’m in this and I’m committed. It hasn’t been easy though. This sexy little Spanish broad name Infinity has been trying to court me. It’s been very tempting. All that scifi sexiness is something I’ve never had before. I just have to remind myself that I’m happy with Malifaux and Infinity is nothing but a shallow temptress.

Then the Bomb gets drops. Malifaux is going to second edition. Now I have to go through another long therapy session with a game system. I’ve been in this relationship before and it didn’t end well. I was sad when she first broke it to me but now I’m looking at the positives. I’m committed to this relationship and I know that through all this Wyrd will make Malifaux a better gal. The question is, will she still be the gal for me? I hope so because I’m too old for this not to work.

Today is the start of a new beginning, the rules release. She tells me what she’s about now and we start working on this, together. She’s late though. She promised me that May 31, 2013 was the day and now she’s late. Maybe I’m being extra sensitive but a promise is a promise. This isn’t starting off well at all…..

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One Response to “Going Back to the Start”

  1. i wish i could go back in time and show this to butch marino when you were still in elementary school so he and his night time ninjas at summer karate camp could kick the shit out of you and that one day you would grow up to be a man instead of some babbling gaming idiot who courts miniatures.

    lmfao…. best read ever. so glad we’re great friends.