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Giga-normous Picture Update!

Bang Charlie…Your Dead….

Finally got around to taking a boatload of pictures for the site. Yeah….I’ve been procrastinating for a while on this. While my interest has been outdoor activities, I’ve got no money for anything so I’m still inside painting. *sigh* Funny how life works that way.

Updates to the following galleries of mine:

Misfit Outcasts – Desperate Granny & Oiran
Justice will Prevail – Francisco the Austringer Ortega, Santiago Ortega, Brutal Effigy, and all the Tokens/Markers.

Vampire Counts – Wraiths

Glowing Cryx – found some lost WIP shots of Venethrax and Bloodgorgers

!!New!!  Infinity  !!New!!
Terrible Tohaa – Makauls
Thunderous Combine Army – Charontid, Morat Vanguard, Yaogats, Zerat, and Daturazi.

Thanks to the crew at Infinity O-12, I’ve become a fan of the number one Sci-Fi skirmish game out there!  Hmmmm….Fan or Fanboy?  Tough to say.  Nevertheless, I’m hooked pretty well into infinity for its faster gameplay and copious amounts of death while trying to hack my friends email accounts and reverse engineer their credit card numbers.

Check it all out and let me know what you think is the pick of the litter in this batch. I’m happy to answer any questions too. See ya!


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8 Responses to “Giga-normous Picture Update!”

  1. Is that last pic a selfie?

  2. By selfie do you mean an image of myself? Or that I took the pic myself?

    Background on that mini….its a skaven body, goblin head, skink arms. Hair, eyes, sleeves, and feet sculpted. I intend to use it as a desperate mercenary. Times are desperate when your an old woman with a machine gun from the 1980’s gw range.

  3. When I saw giga-normous picture update this is not what I was expecting. Just sayin….

    By the way, one of you guys needs to send me the email address of the club contact. In September/October time I will be sending out invites for the CT invitational. Find me on a random forum or shoot me an email to jestorct at gmail dot com

  4. what ever happened with snow bases for your infinity – i knew that was a trick to try and get someone else to actually do stewpid snow bases…

    your a jerk…

  5. feels good to sneak in a post while aaron is holding down the fort for the summer eh? with all his game by game m2e posts and stuff…

  6. hahahaha! I was serious about the snow bases, but you guys put the kybosh on that so I abandoned it too. I didnt want to be the only idiot fighting in the snow.

    Yeah, gotta sneak posts in where I can. What are you working on lately?

    Thanks Jestor. I’ll send you an email, but if its warmachine, or should I say colossalmachine, were probably non-attendees. I havent played a game of warmahos in 2 years!

  7. These are great pics. Those Nazgul look especially awesome. Aren’t those Lord of the Rings minis? I never thought about using those in my VC army. Aren’t they too small for a warhammer army? Have you ever thought about using other lord of the rings models? Like maybe knights of morgul for black knights?

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