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AD&D 2E – Sri Vaasa Campaign #1

So about a month ago, we started playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition with yours truly as Dungeon Master.

The crew started out as new members of a mercenary company called the Company of the Cougar. The small band of newbs was sent to a remote tropical island some two weeks from their port of berth Uthpon. Their purpose was to retrieve a local mayor’s daughter from a large band of kobolds that had been terrorizing local settlements, razing them for slaves.

As it turns out, the ambush team was undermined by kobolds and the ambushers turned into ambushees. A chaotic melee ensued until a giant worm was drawn to the din of battle and swallowed everyone whole. There in the worms belly, the PC’s managed to cut their way out of the resting beast, just before passing into unconsciousness.

With their mercenary careers in question, they awoke a day later in the care of the Trobuls; a troll-kin people scratching a living from the land in a secluded crevasse. Their witchdoctor leader Gha feasted them, regaled them with tales, and equipped them before sending them on their way. His generosity was due to them being very lucky individuals to escape a worms’ belly and that their luck should not be extinguished so casually.  Normally the Trobuls would have just eaten the humanoids :)

Gha directed the brave adventurers to one of the only cities on the island, a place called Kantora. It is a law-governed free city, inhabited by humanity and its humanoid counterparts. There the companions might find transport back to their homeland. He sent one of his own to guide them there…whether the guide chooses to return is still unknown.

With out further doodoo, the players characters are:

  • Bart’Gar “The Owlbear” a gnome illusionist/thief and prankster
  • Jelen Gutatlftinsmalstuf a gnome thief who freelances as a scribe
  • Drake Mantooth a human thief and general hater
  • Zotar a half-orc cleric of the Battle-Loving  God Grom
  • Aranarth a human ranger and lone wolf
  • Rodderick an elderly human warrior
  • and guiding them is Grimmbag a trobul wizard with his familiar Nipper a pretty female gray parakeet

The island itself is a a tropical paradise replete with jungles and giant insects.  The trail to Kantora is some four days away.  A map will be coming soon to aid in getting bearings.

On day one, the adventurers stumbled into the territory of a swarm of vampiric giant bees.  The bees took the intrusion personally and began harassing them.  Some fifteen bees died to the heroes that day.  Jelen made an exceptional strike at a bee, instead stabbing himself in his thigh with a critical miss.  Zotar lost his hand axe in an impressive whiff too.  Bart’Gar and Aranarth came up with the idea to light some torches to drive the bees off.  Their gamble worked and the swarm was kept at bay as the crew made a hasty retreat out of the bug-filled territory.

In the late afternoon, the crew reached the main road to Kantora.  Instead of making straight for the city, they investigated some nearby ruins.   Jelen spotted a fire pit and went to search for some charcoal.   While searching he discovered a corpse lying dead right next to the firepit….the same place he was standing… Sure enough the ruins denizen, a rather viscous carnivorous plant ambushed Grimmbag, nearly killing the wizard.  Bart’gar “saved” him from certain doom while Zotar let loose his fury on the carnivorous fauna.  The plant was able to riposte the half-orcs strikes and nearly wrested his weapon away.  Fortunately, a devastating blow from Aranarth crippled the plant and forced it to retreat.  As the plant made a fleeing rude gesture, Aranarth dealt it a final pruning.

Free to search the area in peace, the adventurers found a keen shiny dagger with a skull hilt and ruby eyes, some coin, an unknown blue potion,  and a ring.

That night around the  campfire , hostilities were kept low.  Watches were posted but no one saw the rain creep in during the pre-dawn hours.  The water compromised much of the teams food supply and healing herbs leaving everyone with low spirits.    Nevertheless, the crew trudged on and that is where I end this post.

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2 Responses to “AD&D 2E – Sri Vaasa Campaign #1”

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  2. Great report. Have you guys played again?