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A huge photo update for Warhammer, Warmachine, Malifaux, and Infinity! A giga-ton of pixels for your eyes to orgasm over while your lids are up! Just don’t let Granny into your personal space.

Found these pics on my camera and regurgitating them up here.  Old conversion for a cryx machine wraith.  Never before seen.  Watch out for rust monsters.   Crap!  Gotta run!  Guess the parts and you win a prize!

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War witch Deneghra never looked so good….until they made a version 2. DOh!

Recently finished a Warmachine Mariner Warjack. Came out pretty nice. Onward to more painting!

OK, not much time to write a witty post but I finished these three assassins and they came out pretty killer.  Had an alt idea in my head for when I will paint my BFS but after seeing the way this scheme came out on these models I painted for someone else I think this […]