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Painting terrain can be fun and it can be unfun. It really depends on you, the terrain, the paint, the weather, and pretty much most other factors that can affect mood. In this short series, I’m painting up some GW buildings with a little masking.

This time, we take a look at my newest creation. A wagon counter for my Malifaux games. This thing started out as a physical sculpt and ended up becoming digital and then once a physical? Amazing? Maybe.. Interesting… Yes!

Some old terrain pics for your Friday afternooner. Enter the weekend!

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If your wondering if Thundernuts smokes crack the answer is maybe. On an unrelated topic this post shortly goes into yet another one of the myriad of hobby directions I am currently on. If you guessed 3D Printing you would have been correct. Some quick shots of me using it to make terrain. Enjoy.
Another in the tutorial series showing off how to scratch build special rules terrain for Malifaux. This entry is a “campsite” for a Perdita crew that happens to roam a rocky red desert, using some of the styling of Thundernuts’ pit terrain.