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A huge photo update for Warhammer, Warmachine, Malifaux, and Infinity! A giga-ton of pixels for your eyes to orgasm over while your lids are up! Just don’t let Granny into your personal space.

Kongming’s Tactics is a new series we will be doing to discuss various tactics and tricks in the game du jour. Today’s focus is Malifaux and the various ways to get more activations done.

Decided to phish around a little more with Tinkercad before its demise. This time i make some Malifaux Special Terrain! Arcane Apparatus
League game time again so get out your pom-poms and letter jackets so you can cheer on your favorite LTC member. Tonights match-up is between Thundernutz’z Guild crew and Cloudfang’s Rezzers. So grab a hold onto the edge of your seat and prepare for some action! Wooty-woot.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Please put your hands together for Mr. Von Schill and his dirty dog dippin duty-poos. A Friekorps crew painted for the likes of some dastardly do-gooder of emotional high flying pow-pows. But.. but-but what?…. we dont luv dem ho’s!