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Battle Report related posts

League game time again so get out your pom-poms and letter jackets so you can cheer on your favorite LTC member. Tonights match-up is between Thundernutz’z Guild crew and Cloudfang’s Rezzers. So grab a hold onto the edge of your seat and prepare for some action! Wooty-woot.

February league night ftw?! Deal with it, all attendees got points and all unattendees got jack! Tnuts, Cloudfang, and I had jack too, Tennessee honey is the tits. I was pretty drunk then, and I’m somewhat drunk now. I don’t know about the other dudes’ states of mind.

A 25ss Malifaux gaming report featuring two fully painted crews on a pretty terrain setup. Come see Lady Justice try to pin a tail to that shifty Colette!

A Malifaux Battle Report. Live to Crush loves challenges. We challenge ourselves often, but more often we like to challenge each other… to fights to the death!… with minis. This game happened after CloudFang threw down the older brothers vs younger brothers gauntlet, and it turned out to be a great game with a lot of learning all around. Check it out.

A disgustingly awesome and epic battle report featuring a booty call and a menage a trois. Have no fear, this post is safe for work, more or less.