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Based on an email thread, I made a quick graph at work yesterday showing ToP league games that have actually been played.

February league night ftw?! Deal with it, all attendees got points and all unattendees got jack! Tnuts, Cloudfang, and I had jack too, Tennessee honey is the tits. I was pretty drunk then, and I’m somewhat drunk now. I don’t know about the other dudes’ states of mind.

A disgustingly awesome and epic battle report featuring a booty call and a menage a trois. Have no fear, this post is safe for work, more or less.

Howdy all, long time no post. Thundernuts and I played a game of Arkham Horror this past weekend, and I’ll jump tentacle-head first into it. Mr. T-nuts chose to play as Mandy Thompson the chesty researcher, and I played as PI Joe Diamond. After learning from a flying chimpanzee that combat is where it’s at, […]

This aint some member of your flag twirling dance team! . It’s painted and ready to ground out the competition. T-nuts, get prepared to be bored to death! You know the drill. Hahaha!