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My thoughts on Malifaux version 2, my gaming past, and my gaming future. As you’ve heard by now Wyrd will be releasing Malifaux, the Second Edition (M2E). If you haven’t heard then jump on the Wyrd forums, listen to some podcasts, or just rage quit life. I have had mixed emotions since I heard the […]

I finally picked up the brush after a long break and decided to get Ophelia done. Did her greenie Gremlin boobies need 30 layers of highlighting? Probably not. After owning for Gremlins for years now I’ve got 1 done. Victory!! And the swamp bases are fun to make and look great. Probably the best ROI […]

So I picked up this game called Zombie Dice by Steven Jackson games. I was looking for something simple to play with the wife and maybe some guests that I might have over the casa. This has to be the easiest game ever… I’m talking Rock, Paper, Scissors level. The game comes with the instructions, […]

Since I painted all of the Neverborn I have (see my last post), I decided to work on this stockpile of Outcasts I have amassed. So I’ve got all these gremlins and since gremlins tend to look the same when you field multiples of the same models I wanted to get fancy with the basing. […]

Since I’m sitting here holding my dick sack eating a flap jack, I decided I should post since the summer is over and LtC is back! Since it’s the end of September I got the itch to due some gaming this week. I broke out the Eagle Master 5000 painting station and a TV tray […]