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Decided to phish around a little more with Tinkercad before its demise. This time i make some Malifaux Special Terrain! Arcane Apparatus
League game time again so get out your pom-poms and letter jackets so you can cheer on your favorite LTC member. Tonights match-up is between Thundernutz’z Guild crew and Cloudfang’s Rezzers. So grab a hold onto the edge of your seat and prepare for some action! Wooty-woot.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Please put your hands together for Mr. Von Schill and his dirty dog dippin duty-poos. A Friekorps crew painted for the likes of some dastardly do-gooder of emotional high flying pow-pows. But.. but-but what?…. we dont luv dem ho’s!

“Maybe if we weren’t drunk all the time, this game would be easier to figure out”- Thundernuts on Dystopian Wars, 2013

In your Monday installment of gaming goodness, we showcase a little 3D drafting of gaming components.

So I picked up this game called Zombie Dice by Steven Jackson games. I was looking for something simple to play with the wife and maybe some guests that I might have over the casa. This has to be the easiest game ever… I’m talking Rock, Paper, Scissors level. The game comes with the instructions, […]

Takin’ you back old school suckas. Here are some sweet sweet Resurrectionists. Decided to post up my end results of Sebastion and his best friends… and probably only friends, that guy is a creeper. Finished painted and ready to chop some stuff up. The dogs were barking and the literal translation is we want to eat gremlins?


Based on an email thread, I made a quick graph at work yesterday showing ToP league games that have actually been played.

A half-assed post featuring promenade around the work bench showcasing some wips for Infinity, Warhammer Vampire Counts, and Malifaux.

Does all the people in the world thinking about the same idea for one minute have the same brilliant potential as all the people in the world divided by two thinking about the same idea for two minutes?