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A huge photo update for Warhammer, Warmachine, Malifaux, and Infinity! A giga-ton of pixels for your eyes to orgasm over while your lids are up! Just don’t let Granny into your personal space.

Found these pics on my camera and regurgitating them up here.  Old conversion for a cryx machine wraith.  Never before seen.  Watch out for rust monsters.   Crap!  Gotta run!  Guess the parts and you win a prize!

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War witch Deneghra never looked so good….until they made a version 2. DOh!

Too much caffeine and a wild imagination led me to this post narrative. Part uno of a non-fiction post-noir with some drama, some sex, and some paint.

Pumpkin headed goodness returns! Scratch-built Lich Lord Venethrax. Oooo! More than a conversion to me…

More cryx in the form of brute thralls! Yay! Pumpkin headed as usual just in time for halloweenie! hehehehe…..weenie…..hehe he

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Back back! Were back! Back bACk were Back! Usual antics of stupidity muscling for space among the craziest conversion of Terminus you or your mom or you sister or your pet hamster have ever seen. There have been a few similar conversions of this caliber, but make no mistake, they were done here first! LtC never takes sloppy seconds, we make the seconds for others.

We all know the Butcher has a soft spot for the ladies, but will he muster the gumption to slap up the twisted trio of Cryx? Check out a 35 point caster kill chick flick pairing the Witch Coven against the Butcher.