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In case anyone is wondering where we stand with our malifaux league…the linked spreadsheet should show you who is where and with what. You will notice there is no column for month 5 and that is because I often forget how to count. I had a saw accident when I was a kid, where a […]

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Month one of the league shows WombatJuggernaut in the lead! But Thundernuts and Cloudfang are hot on his tail waiting to pounce! Meanwhile Tornadomelons and Aaron figure out how the bribes are going down in this league.

The Live to Crush Beginning of 2012 Tale of Painters – Malifaux Edition (LtCBo2012ToP-ME) has become a bitter point of contention around the LtC website and in our personal email battles.  The oddest of oddities occurred when we all finished the ToP!  To further compound the issue, we never resolved the affair in our grand […]