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It is commonly known that the Live to Crush crew hibernates all summer. This interesting psychological characteristic is due to the warmer temperatures which cause sporadic fests of outdoor enjoyment.

Don’t mess with the Devil. I repeat, don’t mess with the Devil! Bad things Happen.
Decided to phish around a little more with Tinkercad before its demise. This time i make some Malifaux Special Terrain! Arcane Apparatus

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Please put your hands together for Mr. Von Schill and his dirty dog dippin duty-poos. A Friekorps crew painted for the likes of some dastardly do-gooder of emotional high flying pow-pows. But.. but-but what?…. we dont luv dem ho’s!
Takin’ you back old school suckas. Here are some sweet sweet Resurrectionists. Decided to post up my end results of Sebastion and his best friends… and probably only friends, that guy is a creeper. Finished painted and ready to chop some stuff up. The dogs were barking and the literal translation is we want to eat gremlins?
This time, we take a look at my newest creation. A wagon counter for my Malifaux games. This thing started out as a physical sculpt and ended up becoming digital and then once a physical? Amazing? Maybe.. Interesting… Yes!
If your wondering if Thundernuts smokes crack the answer is maybe. On an unrelated topic this post shortly goes into yet another one of the myriad of hobby directions I am currently on. If you guessed 3D Printing you would have been correct. Some quick shots of me using it to make terrain. Enjoy.
Here is my official second go at sculpting my own miniatures. I slowly further the development of the Snakeling Stalker and Owlbear and jump off the deep end into Malifaux Markers, Tokens and the like. Hope this inspires some. And if your interested in a set, contact me.


McMo is done! Err… has been done! ARRRGHH!! Whoops… ooops… anyway, Love how this guy came out check his threads!

Month one of the league shows WombatJuggernaut in the lead! But Thundernuts and Cloudfang are hot on his tail waiting to pounce! Meanwhile Tornadomelons and Aaron figure out how the bribes are going down in this league.