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Painting terrain can be fun and it can be unfun. It really depends on you, the terrain, the paint, the weather, and pretty much most other factors that can affect mood. In this short series, I’m painting up some GW buildings with a little masking.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Please put your hands together for Mr. Von Schill and his dirty dog dippin duty-poos. A Friekorps crew painted for the likes of some dastardly do-gooder of emotional high flying pow-pows. But.. but-but what?…. we dont luv dem ho’s!
Takin’ you back old school suckas. Here are some sweet sweet Resurrectionists. Decided to post up my end results of Sebastion and his best friends… and probably only friends, that guy is a creeper. Finished painted and ready to chop some stuff up. The dogs were barking and the literal translation is we want to eat gremlins?
McMo is done! Err… has been done! ARRRGHH!! Whoops… ooops… anyway, Love how this guy came out check his threads!
Time for some McMo action up in here. Malifaux style and all up in your face cuttin stuff up!


Recently finished a Warmachine Mariner Warjack. Came out pretty nice. Onward to more painting!

Part One of a Malifaux fan fiction story that will be gracing the pages of Live to CRUSH.

OK, not much time to write a witty post but I finished these three assassins and they came out pretty killer.  Had an alt idea in my head for when I will paint my BFS but after seeing the way this scheme came out on these models I painted for someone else I think this […]

Just finished a Nephilum Soldier and a pair of stingers and they look pretty smashing.  Now you might be saying to yourself, “Well Done CloudFang, more goodies to add to your army!”.  But you would be terribly wrong.  As part of my other peoples painting (O.P.P.) I’ve ventured into painting some legion, something I’m very […]

No.  Not Tampa Bay.  But rather another round of Flagship Pirates for the win.  As I continue my journey across the seven seas of acrylic paint I find myself screaming land ho!  Two more pieces finished for some other man.  Yup.  Booty.  Sweet Pirate Booty.  Huh?  Yea, feeble attempts at being witty.  Sorry, exhaustion has […]