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A huge photo update for Warhammer, Warmachine, Malifaux, and Infinity! A giga-ton of pixels for your eyes to orgasm over while your lids are up! Just don’t let Granny into your personal space.

Too much caffeine and a wild imagination led me to this post narrative. Part uno of a non-fiction post-noir with some drama, some sex, and some paint.

Pumpkin headed goodness returns! Scratch-built Lich Lord Venethrax. Oooo! More than a conversion to me…

More cryx in the form of brute thralls! Yay! Pumpkin headed as usual just in time for halloweenie! hehehehe…..weenie…..hehe he

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Have you ever wondered what everyone’s favourite cryx solo that rhymes with grain sword Martyr-us looks like with a pumpkin head? If not, then dont click this link.

Entry numero 3 of the LTC staff’s tale of painters competition. Cryx checks in with 8 points of painted cankerworm and pistol wraith.

This installment brings the completed iron lich to the table, leading an unprecedented age of enlightenment to LTC.

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Once per year, the Cephalyx rise from their subterranean lairs searching for new recruits to swell their labor pool. New recruits find themselves willingly following the overlords, their minds completely broken by the formidable mental powers of the Cephalyx. The recruitment begins on the Dark Ascension, when the 3 moons, Calder, Laris and Artis, are […]

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