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Painting terrain can be fun and it can be unfun. It really depends on you, the terrain, the paint, the weather, and pretty much most other factors that can affect mood. In this short series, I’m painting up some GW buildings with a little masking.

Found these pics on my camera and regurgitating them up here.  Old conversion for a cryx machine wraith.  Never before seen.  Watch out for rust monsters.   Crap!  Gotta run!  Guess the parts and you win a prize!

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Decided to phish around a little more with Tinkercad before its demise. This time i make some Malifaux Special Terrain! Arcane Apparatus

Ever wonder what you would think if you smoked crack? This post will give you insight into that world…. Come Token!!!

Here is my official second go at sculpting my own miniatures. I slowly further the development of the Snakeling Stalker and Owlbear and jump off the deep end into Malifaux Markers, Tokens and the like. Hope this inspires some. And if your interested in a set, contact me.
Here is my official first go at sculpting my own miniatures. Decided to go with an Owlbear for obvious reasons involving awesomeness and good times. The second little guy is a Slitherin Style Witchling Stalker. You pretty much need to ask Trickydickynutz about this thing he may have some clue as to why it should exist.
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Time for some McMo action up in here. Malifaux style and all up in your face cuttin stuff up!

A quick update for y’all on a few items I’m working on: Ryle, Guild Hounds, and Alt Justice.

Rolling Rolling Rolling Keep them doggies rolling! Rolling Rolling Rolling, keep them doggies rolling rawhide!! We’ll ride them and we’ll rape them! Turn’em up and bake them! Sacrifice them later for reactivate!

Heres what just might happen to you if your sitting around drinking Tennessee Honey Whiskey and playing with knives: Sittin in my seat choppin heads off sippin on Whi-eskey LAID BACK With my mind on Mcmorning and Mcmorning on my mind. (Snoop). Like the lyrics suggest I definitely went rogue morgue Director on Marcus…  Beee-otch! […]